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    1. Purchase the Webcasts you want to watch.
    2. You must finish watching them all on the same calendar day.
    3. Print the certificate of completion for each one.
    4. If the date of completion is not the same on each certificate of completion you will have to pay additional application fees.

    Achieving TRUE Results   $37 (.1 CEU)
    ATKFay founder Tamara K. Fay inspires clients to maximize strengths and overcome challenges. Her passion to help people stems from a family legacy of building a business with quality, service, and hard work. In this webcast, Tamara shares the TRUE concept to help you build strong relationships so that you can enjoy more success in your personal and professional life. Buy Now read more
    TRUE helps you deal with difficult situations, and gives you the confidence to communicate effectively TRUE is not just an acronym; it's a principled way of building and improving business relationships, it can help you earn more by giving you the confidence to expand your client base, or reach out to more agencies. Buy Now

    Editing For Your Dictionary   $37 (.1 CEU)
    Are you tired of seeing the same untranslates and stacking issues when you edit your transcripts? Anissa Nierenberger, RPR, CRR, CBC, CCP, CRI will show you a method for editing your transcripts that will also help you improve your dictionary as you edit. As you use her method, you will see your common problems disappear, and reduce the amount of time you spend editing transcripts, and making your realtime cleaner. You don't have to change the way you write, just how you approach editing. Are you ready to start editing for your dictionary? Buy Now

    Apps for Court Reporters   $37 (.1 CEU)
    Is your "smart" phone not living up to its potential? Is it filled with pictures, music and videos? In this webcast Mike Duffy, CLVS, will show you how to add over 30GB of storage to your phone for free. He will demonstrate for you step by step how to use your phone to scan multi-page documents, business cards, and receipts then email or save them with a $1.99 app. Buy Now  read more
    He also shows you how to use a powerful "To-do List" manager to not only mange your daily tasks, but assist in finding the best price when shopping online, and keep your online reading list organized. Finally he shows how to use Dropbox to share a transcript file with your scopist while you are on a job, so she can have it ready by the time you get home from the job. Buy Now

    Nutrition 101   $55.50 (.15 CEU)
    Dr. Fulop of Northwestern Integrative Medicine breaks all the myths about weight loss. In her holistic approach she describes how weight loss is more than just calories in vs. calories out. She discusses how the body reacts to the different kinds of foods we eat, and how we can lose weight not by starving our body but by changing the foods we eat. After watching this 1.5 hour webcast you will leave armed with the knowledge you need to get off the commercial bandwagon of diets that don't work and start eating the foods you need for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Buy Now

    Essential Anita Paul   (1.2 CEU)
    In this series of webcasts we’ve taken highlights from one of Anita’s four-day Realtime Mastery Workshops and created nine 1-2 hour webcasts. We’ve made it convenient for you to empower yourself by offering these webcasts separately from the workshop. Whether you want to inspire yourselfand take one on your lunch hour, or sign up for more, you will get many ideas for making your job easier and feel inspired to apply these TIPS to your daily life as a court reporter. Even if you aren’t ready to take the CRR, these powerful webcasts can help you write cleaner, significantly reducing your editing time so you can take more jobs and earn more money or spend more time with your family. You will have more time to do the things you want to do! Click for More Information

    The New LinkedIn   $74 (.20 CEU)
    Sue Koch is a social media strategist and Chief Navigator of Soaring Solutions. LinkedIn recently updated the look and feel of their site and added some new features. In this 2 hour webcast she will go over the best practices for setting up your profile, she will explain what "Endorsements" are and how you can use them to stand out. She will also explain how you can use LinkedIn to get more work referred to you. Sign up now and learn how to optimize your profile so you can get more jobs. Buy Now

    Make Change Work   $37 (.10 CEU)
    This Webcast is about creating the life you love using your own inner resources. Megan Walls, an executive coach, shares her insights on getting through difficult transitions. Whether it's a personal or professional change, Megan has some valuable tools for you to use to make the journey easier. Buy Now

    Optimal Health   $55.50 (.15 CEU)
    Dr. Judy Fulop is a naturopathic doctor at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, IL. In this webcast she discusses the benefits of treating the cause of illness rather than the symptoms from heartburn to PMS to chronic sinusitis. She talks about foods and supplements you should take and what to avoid when you are suffering from many common illnesses. She also shares the secret of the "Magic Socks" and how they can help you fight a cold or flu. Buy Now

    A Day in the Life of a Captioner   $37.00 (.10 CEU)
    Ever dream of becoming a captioner? Ever wonder will I need to write differently; what type of stations will I need to work with and what shows will I caption? In this exclusive webcast we share with you what type of equipment is necessary to connect to the station as a captioner and the skills you need to develop to caption.
    Buy Now  read more
    Anissa Nierenberger is an accomplished captioner. In fact she started captioning straight out of court reporting school. We visited Anissa in her home where she captions daily for various television stations. Anissa takes you step by step in her setup and what equipment you will need to be successful. Buy Now

    Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshop   (2.4 CEU)
    This powerful presentation will help you write cleaner, reduce your editing time and get you prepared to take the CRR. This three-part webcast has 24 hours of content worth 2.4 CEUs. It will change your life! Click for More Information
    Hit the Ground Running, (without actually hitting the ground)
    $55.50 (.15 CEU)

    Are you a new reporter? Are you a freelance reporter looking to change agencies? Are you an official reporter thinking about changing your career course and testing the freelance waters? In this webcast, Maxyne Bursky, BA, RPR, CRR, CCR, CPC, shares her strategies for getting on the list of the top agencies in your market, and how to become that desirable reporter who is requested by the attorneys. Buy Now  read more
    Maxyne is an extremely successful reporter with more than 35 years of experience. She is part of the NCRA's virtual mentor program and has written three books about court reporting. Whether you are brand new or have years of experience, this webcast has valuable information you can use to increase your bottom line. Buy Now

    A Reporter's Guide to Ethics and Survival: Gift Carding
    $37.00 (.1 CEU)

    Are you an ethical reporter or firm owner who finds it frustrating to compete against firms that entice their clients with gifting and bribing for their book of business? You are not alone and help has arrived! Learn how to compete, keep your existing clients, and earn new business by educating your local market. Buy Now  read more
    Lisa Migliore-Black is very active in Ethics First and has developed a huge online following. In this one hour webcast Lisa shares her strategy as well as some of the valuable resources NCRA has available to help educate attorneys, paralegals and office staff about this unethical practice. Buy Now

    YES You Can!   $37.00 (.10 CEU)
    Julie Murphy is a Certified Financial Planner, author of the book "The Emotion Behind Money", and frequent guest on the Lifetime Channel's "The Balancing Act", CNBC Money Desk, and local television. In this webcast she will share some tips on how to take advantage of your independent contractor status. Julie shows us how to live in the present while cleaning up your past and planning for the future. Buy Now

    Effective Personal Management   $37.00 (.10 CEU)
    Would you like to be more productive on a daily basis? Would you like to spend more time with your family and friends? Would you like to have less stress in your life? In this webcast Ray will show you how you can find time in your day you didn't know you had, and show you how to use this extra time more effectively. Buy Now

    Communicating with Emotional Intelligence   $37.00 (.10 CEU)
    We've all done it, whether talking, texting or e-mailing, we've said something we later regret. Did you know that your communication style could also be jeopardizing your relationship with your clients or agency? Ann will provide you with powerful communication tools that you can begin using immediately to start Communicating with Emotional Intelligence. Buy Now

    How to Become a Repeat Reporter   $37.00 (.10 CEU)
    Have you ever thought all went well at a deposition, but wondered why neither side called you back? Here is a rare opportunity to hear what an attorney looks for in a court reporter. Mike Tomlinson has taken depositions all over the country and will share an attorney's perspective on how to be a repeat reporter. Buy Now

    Is Your Dictionary Getting in the way of Realtime?   $37.00 (.10 CEU)
    Is your dictionary slowing you down? Do you have too many "untranslates" when you finish a deposition? Do you want to spend less time editing and more time doing the things you want to do? Then this webcast is for you! Anissa will show you how to clean-up your dictionary at a rate of 1000 words an hour. Buy Now

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