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Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshop

In this series of webcasts we’ve taken highlights from one of Anita’s four-day Realtime Mastery Workshops and created nine 1-2 hour webcasts. We’ve made it convenient for you to empower yourself by offering these webcasts separately from the workshop. Whether you want to inspire yourselfand take one on your lunch hour, or sign up for more, you will get many ideas for making your job easier and feel inspired to apply these TIPS to your daily life as a court reporter. Even if you aren’t ready to take the CRR, these powerful webcasts can help you write cleaner, significantly reducing your editing time so you can take more jobs and earn more money or spend more time with your family. You will have more time to do the things you want to do!

Conflicts In this two part workshop Anita will help you resolve many of your conflicts. If you have trouble with Bill and bill, peace and piece, or other homophones, Anita will help you resolve them and teach you techniques to master your new outlines quickly.
Conflicts Part 1:     $98    (0.2 CEU) Preview
Anita starts with some general tips and concepts to resolve common conflicts, including a primer on reducing stacking problems. She also discusses strategies for using the asterisk in conflict resolution. Then she covers some conflict categories like words that begin with “C” but have the “S” sound, article “A” vs words that start with the letter “A”, and “EA” words. Buy Now
Conflicts Part 2:     $73.50    (0.15 CEU) Preview
Anita delves deeper into common conflicts with ideas on resolving conflicts when both words are commonly used like groan and grown, I’ll and aisle, fair and fare, and many more. Next she covers strategies for conflicts between a common word and an uncommon word like beat and beet, course and coarse. She also covers techniques for words that begin with the “Z” sound, and double letter ending homophones like role and roll. Buy Now
Prefixes & Suffixes In this two part series you will learn techniques for writing your prefixes and suffixes cleanly, solving many word boundary problems, so your realtime will translate beautifully and reduce your editing time.
Prefixes & Suffixes Part 1:     $98    (0.2 CEU) Preview
Anita starts by reviewing the major CAT software definitions for prefixes and suffixes. Then she reviews general guidelines and strategies for creating unique definitions for prefixes, suffixes and stand-alone words. Anita then digs into some of the most common problems like after, back, by, down, ever and many more. Buy Now
Prefixes & Suffixes Part 2:     $49    (0.1 CEU) Preview
In part two, Anita starts with a quick review of the guidelines from part one, then shows you some strategies for the most common prefixes including a-, be-, com-, and more. Next, Anita discusses how to deal with difficult attorneys. Finally, back to more strategies for common prefixes and suffixes like dis- the final “e” sound, un- and many more. Buy Now
Stacking:     $49    (0.1 CEU) Preview
Many reporters struggle with stacking. Anita reviews some of the common stacking problems including stacking your period at the end of a sentence and offers different solutions to resolve them. Then she shows you a strategy for easily hyphenating phrases on the fly. Finally she wraps up with a fun video to help reduce your fear of sharing your realtime with others. Buy Now
Punctuation for Realtime:     $49    (0.1 CEU) Preview
Anita shows you time-saving and short-stroke techniques to master punctuation, significantly reducing your editing time. She also discusses a strategy for words with initial capitals like Main Street, First Avenue and Dr. Smith. Buy Now
Numbers:     $73.50    (0.15 CEU) Preview
Have trouble with your numbers? Anita will help you create techniques so dates, money, ordinals, addresses, code sections, and more will all translate beautifully, cutting editing time. Buy Now
Alphabets:     $49    (0.1 CEU) Preview
Anita will show you techniques for five alphabets, including how to set up your alphabets so that you won't ever have to clean up fingerspelling errors like “wo MBA t” after a deposition. Buy Now
Techniques & Miscellaneous:     $49    (0.1 CEU) Preview
Anita shares some valuable ideas on the following topics:
  • How do I get started realtiming to attorneys?
  • “Oh #$%^&, look what just came out on the screen!” – preparing your dictionary for captioning
  • Using "wild cards" in realtime
  • Setting up speaker IDs for different situations
  • Dictionary cleanup tips
  • Smart Strokes
  • Buy Now

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