Court reporting is a very technical field, which is why at Bridges Court Reporting we utilize the latest litigation support management programs. Our clients deserve the best, and we deliver.

Realtime is a service that allows attorneys to view a transcript as it’s being written by the court reporter. The draft is delivered directly from the court reporter’s computer to the attorney’s computer via a cable at the job site.

Using our Realtime service provides a competitive edge as attorneys view the transcript without the need to wait for the court reporter’s edited version. This allows attorneys to review the text in preparation for an early morning deposition. They can also quickly search live testimony for specific keywords.

Advantages to Realtime Reporting:

  • Provides an immediate unedited transcript at the job site
  • Allows judges and attorneys to review text immediately and mark testimony without interrupting proceedings
  • Enables access to instant messaging, allowing private conversation and notes during live depositions
  • Provides access to live transcript from other locations to allow colleagues to monitor proceedings real-time
  • Useful for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals

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