WebCast FAQ's

Q: How do I register for a course?
A: From the Bridges Court Reporting Training Page, click the link to the webcast you’d like to see. Create a log-in and password for our Training Page. Then select the webcast you’d like to watch.
Q: Do I need special hardware or software?
A: A DSL, cable or faster internet connection is required. A comfortable chair is recommended.
Q: Are the webcasts eligible for NCRA CEU’s?
A: Yes, all of our webcasts are pre-qualified by NCRA.
Q: How much will it cost?
A: Each 1 hour Webcast is $37, plus the application fee for NCRA if you apply for CEUs.
Q: How many times can I watch a Webcast?
A: As many times as you’d like for 90 days.
Q: How long do I have to view a Webcast once I sign-up?
A: 90 days from the day you register for the Webcast
Q: How do I get credit for my CEU?
A: Once you finish watching the webcast, you will be able to download the NCRA ACCET application form, and a Certificate of Completion. Print them both, and fill out the application form. You will need to send the completed application, a copy of your certificate and the application fee to the NCRA to receive your CEU.
Q: If I watch three different courses, can I combine them into one NCRA application?
A: Yes, but they all have to be watched in the same calendar day. You can watch up to eight hours of webcasts in one day, and pay only one application fee. You must send in copies of all the “Certificates of Completion” showing they were completed on the same date.
Q: If one course contains a series of three one-hour webcasts can I combine them into one application?
A: Yes! If one course has a series of webcasts, you will be able to submit one application and pay only one fee.
Q: Can I pay for the NCRA fee from your website?
A: No, the fee must be sent into NCRA with the certificate(s) and application.