Electronic Services

Reporter Base Software

Reporter Base software is the leading software for attorneys working today. It provides a user friendly calendar and online tools for both administrative and professional tasks.

Advantages of Reporter Base

Reporter Base Administrative Tasks:

This user-friendly, intuitive software allows paralegals and attorneys to combine multiple administrative tasks into a single software, freeing up time and resources.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to schedule all court reporting needs online
  • Ability to view invoices
  • Ability to view transcripts and linked exhibits through personal calendars

Reporter Base provides transcripts in a searchable .pdf format with customized features including:

  • Condensed versions that can be opened and printed in any size including: manuscript and full size
  • Word index and exhibits attached
  • Ability to hyperlink the exhibit to the transcript
  • Ability to search transcripts based on the name of case, witness, or date of the deposition or trial

RealLegal E-Transcript:

RealLegal E-Transcript provides attorneys with .ptx files that can be delivered via email or CD, which allows for annotation.

Advantages of RealLegal E-Transcript

Hyperlinked Word Index and Transcript:

Adding function and management capabilities, the hyperlinked word index electronically links page and line numbers in the transcript cutting down on time spent searching and summarizing transcripts. This feature allows attorneys to:

  • Click on a word within an index
  • Click on page and line numbers in the index
  • Search words using a find button
  • Use “previous” and “next” buttons for quick searches

RealLegal E-Transcript Bundle:

The RealLegal E-Transcript bundle makes it easier for attorneys to interpret and work with the court reporter transcript. Using the bundle, attorneys can view multiple electronic transcripts, scanned exhibits, and videos from a single file. Using free viewing software, clients can search the files and print full and condensed transcripts with word index and exhibits.

Download E-Tran Viewer

The first time you receive a .ptx formatted transcript, you will need to download the free E-Transcript Viewer. Once you have installed the viewer, save the .ptx file to your computer. Double click on the .ptx file which will then launch the viewer.

Customized Printing Options:

Users have many different print options when working with an E-Transcript including:

  • Print full-sized or condensed transcripts
  • Specify the number of transcript pages on a sheet
  • Print the notes section
  • Print the questions and/or answers in bold
  • Dictate desired number of columns in the word index
  • Print single transcripts, condensed transcripts (up to 16 pages per sheet), and word indices

Receiving files electronically requires only a free RealLegal E-Transcript viewer.


Summation software is designed to help attorneys manage large amounts of data. At Bridges Court Reporting, we offer .sbf files for attorneys to view. Incorporating cutting-edge technology makes it possible to manage transcripts in real-time. Also, including advanced searching and document review tools, e-discovery review and case management tools, this software makes handling even the largest legal cases a breeze. Download Ad Summation sofware here.