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Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshop

This powerful presentation will help you write cleaner, reduce your editing time and get you prepared to take the CRR. This three-part webcast has 24 hours of content worth 2.4 CEUs. It will change your life!

Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshop Volume 1:     (.8 CEUs) Preview
In this eight-hour volume of the workshop Anita will help you resolve your conflicts. If you have trouble with Bill and bill, peace and piece, or other homophones, Anita will help you resolve them and teach you techniques to master your new outlines quickly. She also shares techniques on how to reduce your stacking problems. Anita's lessons are fun. She shares anecdotes from her 30-plus-year career as an official, freelance reporter, and realtime coach as she shows you how to be the best reporter you can be. Anita is inspirational. When you complete this webcast, your fear of letting others see your screen will be gone.
Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshop Volume 2:     (.8 CEUs) Preview
In this volume of the workshop Anita continues to inspire, teach and have fun! You will learn techniques for writing your prefixes and suffixes cleanly so you can solve word boundary problems. Have trouble with your numbers? Anita will help you create techniques so dates, money, ordinals, addresses, code sections, and more will all translate beautifully, again cutting editing time. In "Punctuation for Realtime," Anita shows you time-saving and short-stroke techniques to master punctuation, significantly reducing your editing time. Along the way she shares her experiences on how to deal with rude attorneys and encourages you to grow in your profession.
Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshop Volume 3:     (.8 CEUs) Preview
Ready to put it all to the test? In this volume of the workshop Anita prepares you for the CRR, including two practice exams! Before that, you are shown techniques for five alphabets so that you won't ever have to clean up fingerspelling errors like "co MBA t" after a deposition. Thinking about a career in C.A.R.T or captioning? There are some words that should never be broadcast (you know what they are). You will learn how to ensure an embarrassing word almost never accidently shows up in front of millions of viewers. Anita also introduces you to deaf culture and inspires you with interviews of some real students who were able to realize their dreams because of C.A.R.T.

Each volume of the workshop can be purchased separately or in any combination of two. You will get the greatest value if you purchase all three volumes:

Any one volume$397.00Buy Now
Any two volumes$697.00Buy Now
Any three volumes$897.00Buy Now
Each volume has eight hours of content broken up into 45-minute to 1-hour topics. You will have up to 90 days from date of purchase to complete each volume.

ANITA PAUL's workbook included FREE ($40 VALUE)
APPs for Court Reporters webcast FREE ($37 VALUE)
BONUS: Sign up for all three and pay only one $40 NCRA fee. (SAVE $80)*
*Just include all ACCET forms and certificates in one envelope with payment.

You get the three day webcast, the workbook, and APPS to help your daily life all for only $897.
This is a savings of $1,657!


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