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Court Reporter FAQ

"As a new reporter, Bridges Court Reporting was the perfect firm to work with. Debbie and her team are there for you 100 percent of the way. BCR always understood that it was a learning process and never put me on a job that I could not handle, but recognized when I was ready for more challenging jobs. BCR always took the time to check to see how I was doing and to make sure that I wasn’t too overwhelmed with my workload.

I am a much better court reporter for having worked with BCR. Not only did I learn so much with their built-in proofreading service, but BCR has a wonderful staff and was never too busy to help me. If you want to work with a firm that has great work and a great staff, I would highly recommend working with BCR."

- Nicole Kopec, CSR

Q: How often will I be paid?

A: If you work on our exchange program, you receive payment within 30 days of receiving your invoice. If you work in-house, you receive payments bi-weekly.

Q: What kind of work can you offer court reporters?

A: We service many different types of law firms and cases, so our work varies all the time. No matter what type of work you are looking for, chances are we can provide it!

Q: Do you guarantee work on requested days?

A: Yes. If you commit to certain days, we will schedule you. The commitment is mutual.

Q: Do I need to print my transcript when I submit it?

A: No. We ask that you email us the transcript, and we take it from there. We’re always looking to make our court reporters’ lives easier!

Q: Will I be paid for my copy orders?

A: Yes, most copy orders are paid when due. If it is a COD order, you will be paid when we receive payment.

Q: How do I handle transcript orders?

A: You will write the client’s transcript order into the record, which helps avoid potential disputes. You will also fill out a very important job sheet for our production department. Email your transcript and job sheet to us for production.

We are always looking for expert court reporters we can partner with to form a mutually beneficial relationship.