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Video Services - Video Conferencing - Remote Depositions

In this age of YouTube, Netflix and Video on Demand, it's important to be able to visually record testimony and depositions; juries respond to video. We use the latest equipment to ensure the video and audio record is recorded cleanly and accurately, then produce a professional DVD you can show in court or use to build your case to get a favorable settlement.

Videotaped testimony and depositions are an important litigation tool that attorneys use for a variety of procedures including:

  • Depositions
  • Court
  • Expert consultations
  • Mediations and arbitrations
  • Trial preparation tool
  • Independent medical examinations

Save time, money and hassle, but receive the same face-to-face impact by utilizing our video services. Instead of paying your experts to sit in the courthouse, pay them only for their testimony by recording them.

Our video services don’t end when we hand you the DVD. We also provide additional services including:

  • Internet Upload
  • Transcript synced to video with linked exhibits
  • Video Editing for Trial
  • Trial Presentation

We have the tools and technology to be able to take a bad video or audio and enhance it so it is presentable in the court room.

We provide additional video services, including:

  • DVD Authoring: Edit and combine several video files, create custom menus and produce a DVD you can play on a computer and your home DVD player.
  • Media Format Conversion: We can convert videotapes into digital files and put them on CD’s or DVD’s.
  • Media Duplication: We can make multiple copies of your digital files whether they are video, audio or computer files.